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Fire Fighting Systems

Fire Fighting Systems

Interior Axis can supply and install all types of Fire Fighting systems fire protection from beam and column en casements to firefly fire barrier.

We can also supply & install all your drywall, structural fire protection and fire stopping product requirements for all types of constructions.

Building Regulations require that cavities and concealed spaces in the structure or fabric of a building are sub-divided or sealed by means of cavity barriers or fire-stopping to restrict the hidden spread of smoke and flame. Fire Fighting systems is of prime importance since many buildings are honeycombed with concealed cavities and voids within the roof, floors, and walls. fire fighting systems are used in hospitals, classrooms, factories etc.

Fire Fighting systems provides a high quality cladding to structural steel, and offers up to 120 minutes fire protection. The Fire fighting systems affords protection to universal steel columns and beams, together with many joist and castellated beam sections. It can be used in any type of building where an encasement is required to structural steelwork. The Glasroc  FireCases lining provides a smooth, robust surface and there is no requirement to joint or apply a decorative treatment.

As an established Fire Fighting Systems company we understand and recognise the needs and desires of our clients and transform them into reality.  We are pleased to offer Fire Fighting Systems competitive prices and are proud of the outstanding quality we are able to achieve.  This is why many of our contracts are achieved by recommendation or through repeat business.