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Guest Room Interiors


When picking out guest room furniture, it may help to first focus on 5 essentials to make the job that much easier. Once you have these essentials in place, you can always build around them to create a welcoming space for your guests.

A comfortable guest room takes most of the stress out of a guest’s visit for all concerned. Fortunately you only need some very basic common sense home furnishings to create a room that any guest will appreciate.

A guest room should be designed with the same attention and care that is given to the other main rooms in your house.  I find it sad when spare bedrooms are used as storage dumping grounds, with a bed lurking somewhere deep in the abyss guest room. I can assure you friends and family won’t “sleep tight” in a storage room! Give a designer carte blanche in your guest room, and you’ll be presented with an ambitious colour scheme and bold fabric samples before you can say “Go big or go home.” Give the same designer free rein in her own home and, well, carte blanche just about describes what you’re likely to find. Namely, a lot of white.